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A customer called my today and asked for help with a new corporate video. We started talking about what channels to aim for with their film, cost involved in promoting it in different channels and how we might need to make severals versions with different length for different channels; a long version for their product page and a 15 second version for Instagram for example.

I ended up sending her a list of links with  information, but then I thought – video content marketing online is super hot right now, it should be of interest more people to have the info in a collected format, so here it comes, see below.

Knowing who you target with your film is the key both to video content and to the distrubution channels to choose, so it should all be carefully considered already before filming starts. With good planning it may be possible to make several different films from the same raw material, one aiming at for example attracting new customers in a short ad form, and an other one to give in-depth information about a product or service to customers who has already found your homepage.

You are very welcome to contact me if you want to talk about what we could do for yor company, in video content marketing, photo production, or both!

Rgds Petter


Videomarknadsföring Online

Video marketing online

Video contant marketing channels


* Set up a company page. Updates (including video) are free to publish but dont expect everyone to get to see them. You will reach more of your followers if you buy Boosted Updates.

* You can also use the service VideoViews that is charged by the click or by the viewing. You can choose if content should autoplay in the users update stream or need to be clicked to play. Can be up to 45min, but recommended length is 15-30seconds.


* Instagram is owned by FaceBook and now allows video content (15sec max).  You add it for free to your account stream where it will be visible to your followers just like your images.

* Or you can reach out to more people with the same ad system as used by Facebook (max 30sec videos here):


* Well, its YouTube, so make an account and you can upload your videos of almost any length. With the right title and description it may be found by people searching via Google or YouTube. You can also just link to it from your web page, or show it there as embeded content. Here is an overview of using YouTube for business:

* You can place a video ad, either at the beginning, middle or end of other films shown on youtube, using TrueView Instream ads. You pay when the someone interacts with or watch your ad.

* You may also show Indisplay-Ads: ”In-display ads can run across YouTube and Google Display Network. On YouTube they can run on the search and watch pages for both desktop and, as well as the home pages for desktop and YouTube mobile apps. The ad unit consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself. It’s recommended to use CTA overlays on the videos to drive the users to the advertiser site.”

* Display Ads are shown next to other YouTube videos, no sound until the user clicks it:


* There are many possibilities for video advertising via Google (and YouTube that is ownes by Google):

* In AdWords there is a format called TrueView:


Used to have specific video ads, but that format is now removed. You can however do updates where you link to a YouTube Video, either from a personal or company LinkedIn profile. The video is then embedded in the update and can play directly in the update stream. To reach more people than your followers you can buy sponsored updates where you pay per viewing or per click:


Videos can be Tweeted for free and are then shown to your followers. You can also buy ads  (with autoplay): ”We consider a chargeable view as 3 seconds of playback in 100% view in the timeline, or a click to watch in fullscreen/unmute — whichever comes first.”


* Video can be added to your website, either streamed from your own server or as an embedded YouTube or Vimeo film.


This is a great site that writes about video marketing online, for example this post on optimal video length:

And here is a discussion on video advertising  on Facebook vs Youtube:

Collected info about video advertising on social media, with infographics that show allowed video length, autoplay etc:



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