The Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Panasonic Lumix GX1 – verdict after one summer use

So, I have been carrying these two lovely cameras with me all summer, along with the 20/1.7 and 45/1.8 lenses (no zooms used at all), and I thought I should give some further comments after more extensive use.

To begin with I used the GX1 a lot more. Its quite a bit smaller and fits in a pocket with the 20/1.7 on. But, travelling on vacation the extra size of the OM-D is not all that important, I mean in situations when you keep your camera around your neck most of the time. So, suddenly I realised the both me and my girlfriend picked up the OM-D most of the time when we wanted to take pictures.

The main reason is the viewfinder, that is really a must on a sunny day! And even the screen on the OM-D is better too. Images look better, and it seems more visible in strong light.

And, the design that I did not really like for a start I not have grown into loving. Its fantastic to hold and use!

Some more points:

While shooting BW all summer I have noticed that the OM-D images look better straight out of the camera. I really have to put some effort into it if I want to surpass the RAW handling by myself!

The custom modes are quite annoying, hard to find/use and do not store shooting mode like A/M, and its not possible to name them.

There is a noticable lag in the viewfinder, that you will se when you take a picture. The moment will not be exactly the same as you saw it, there is a time difference.

If you use the fast update mode the viewfinder gets better, but quite a bit uglier, and a lot less light sensitive. At night it will just turn black in that mode.

The two wheels on top are just great to have, one for F and one for +/-! However, they tend to move bit too easy.

The color filters you can apply to the BW mode is great, I love red for skin!

Also the build in image effects are very nice, I usually hate that kind of crap, but here its well done.

The adjustable framerate is another great thing. I lowered it to 2/sec since its too fast for my use otherwise.

I almost never use flash, so the flash was not even packed and I did not miss it.

You do need 2-3 batteries If you intend to use it for more than one day.

Now, I just want the 12/f2 and 75/1.8 too!!!!




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