Processing SONY A7r .ARW raw files – Getting rid of the Green Cast

I dont know if its my individual camera. but it definitely has a green cast on its LCD and also when looking at a calibrated computer screen. I tried both Adobe Camera RAW and SONY Image Data Converter.

Best way to get a decent look is to use ACR (8.3 RC) and stay well away from the SONY Camera profiles, instead use Adobe Standard and set Shadow tint to +10 and Green Primary Hue to +5, I also set in Hue/sat tab:  Hue Reds +10, Oranges -5, Saturation Oranges -10. and finally master saturation to -5.

Also the files look a bit flat compared to Canon 5D mk III files so I suggest setting contrast to +5, shadows to -15, blacks to -10, clarity to 10, sharpen to 40 1.8 40 0.

All just a starting point of cause!

What do you thinhk, does your raw files look green and flat too?

PS. Another source of different color is the lenses used, I did test with my Canon glass as well as Voigtländer and Olympus OM glass and each has a different rendering….







  1. These corrections are excellent!

    I recently switched to a Sony a7R II from a Canon 5D Mark III, and I have found that it takes more adjustments just to get to a good starting point with the Sony RAW files. The Canon colors are better directly from the camera, particularly for skin tones.

    My biggest complaint with the Sony colors was that skin tones became too orange if you tried to warm up the photo at all. I’ve started lowering the orange saturation on almost every photo with skin tones, and I see that you have included the same adjustment.

    The other issue was with the yellowish/green tint that you discovered, and your corrections are help greatly with that.

    I have now saved your settings as a preset (with some minor tweaks). That should save me some time. Hopefully it will also allow me to stop questioning my switch to Sony. Aside from battery and overheating issues with video, I love just about everything else about the camera.



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