Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 – first impressions compared to the Fuji X100

So, after having shot parts of an event job with my X100, hating the focusing for being too slow and unreliable, especially  in low light, I went out and got the DMC-GX1 the day after

As you can see in my previous post what I want from my ”small camera” its fast autofocus, low noise,  small size and a short depth of field. I thought the Fuji X Pro-1 could be the Holy Graal so I stand in line for one, but after reading about the sluggish autofocusing (I doubt any firmware path can fix that) I decided to drop tha X Pro-1 from my list and go for the GX1 with the compact 14-42mm and more important the 20/1.7.

Anyway, here are the first impressions after about 60minutes with it:

Extremely horrible swedish manual probabaly done using Google Translate

Very fast autofocus evene in low light for a mirrorless, miles ahead of the X100.

Seems to be quite a bit of noise at ISO 800 shooting RAW compared to my Fuji X100, but this is first impression without actually comparing images.

I miss the ND filter from the X100!

I miss the Monochrome with red filter mode from my X100!

I miss the analog viewfinder from the X100!

Its not a sexy as the X100. With the X100 I always get a lot of people asking questions etc, that will not happen with the GX1. I hope the leather case is nice when it comes….;-)

The LCD display is not very beatiful at all on your images (the viewfinder view looked horrible so I did not buy it). On X100 the images look very smooth and nice on the LCD.

Great to be able to angle the flash up, on the X100 its fixed.

Great to be able to put the flash in -2 as opposed to only -2/3 on the X100.

Nice that its quite a bit smaller than the X100.

Nice to have the option of a smart compact zoom lens, even if the 20/1.7 will be on 90% of the time.

Nice with 2 physical Fn-buttons and 2 digital ones. X100 only has one.

On Auto ISO, I would like the option of setting max shutter time used as on the X100.

Theoretical DOF with the 20/1.7 is almost exactly the same as with the 23/2.0 on the X100.

Real nice with the four Custom settings modes of which 2 are available directly on the mode dial, that really helps for professional use! The X100 has three but only in the menus.

Image quality, dont know yet, time will tell….

So, a lot of pros and cons, but the autofocusing speed is soo crusial for me that the X100 looses for most of my uses.

Some more testing – day 2:

Noice seems 1-2 steps worse than X100 at a quick glance.

The white balance was awful, but after updating the firmware to 1.1 it seems quite close to my Canon 5D mk II in daylight at least. A setting of AWB with STANDARD style – Cont+1 – Sharp+1 – Sat+1 – NR-1 seems to match the 5D mkII STD mode AWB.

The 14-42 Power optics is quite blurry and there is not much of shallow DOF, it will be only my holliday snapshot lens, but then I might as well use my iPhone 4s for that…..;-) Waiting for the 20/1.7!

Also the contrast of the 14-42 is not so good. Compared to the X100 you need to apply a lot of ACR Clarity to get anyway near. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 images looks hazy when comparing to X100, and that is most likely the lens, good optics is everything!

The Touch Focus is a very cool feature, especially for filming!




  1. Momtchil Kaltchev Says: december 3, 2015 at 2:42 e m

    Hi Petter, interesting comparison! Me to am interested in booth cameras. Seems that main problem of the X100 is the auto focus. I have heard that after the latest firmware release things got better! What was your experience?


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