Hit rate with manual focusing on the SONY A7r

Today I did a classiv portrait shoot, 8 people on location, lighting was 6 Nikon speedlights in the person and room:

I shot with a Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 at f4


ISO 500 (letting in some of the available light, but keeping it about 1 step underexposed, it was a quite brightly lit room)

I shot totally 281 frames using focus peaking and eyeballing, upper body shots, I was moving around a bit and time was short so no time to zoom in and check focus while shooting.

So, my hit rate was: 204 was 100% sharp, 46 was perhaps usable, 31 was really out of focus.

So 72% was perfect, its OK, but my Canon 5DmkIII can do bettar than I can….;-)



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